Fire Alarm Extension Apparatus And Method

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Fire alarm extension apparatuses (30, 100) permit actuation of a fire alarm pull switch (11, 21) by persons with a handicap by lowering the position at which the fire alarm pull switch (11, 21) can be actuated. The fire alarm extension apparatuses (30, 100) each comprise a clip (33, 133) for attachment to a pull lever (14, 24) of the fire alarm pull switches (11, 21). An elongated member (32, 132) is attached to the clip (33, 133) for permitting movement of the clip (33, 133) and the pull lever (14, 24) while at a position remote from the pull lever (14, 24) in a direction to permit actuation of the fire alarm pull switch (11, 21). In a first embodiment (30), the elongated member (33) is a flat rigid shaft which is mounted to a wall (31) via a mounting block (36) and is guided by dual parallel rails (37a, 37b) situated on the mounting block (36). Further, the lever (14, 24) is engaged by a C-shaped clip (33), and the shaft (32) has a T-shaped handle (34). In a second embodiment (100), the elongated member (132) is a coated wire which permits pivotal movement of the lever (14, 24) as well as the cover (12, 22) without mechanical stress to the apparatus (100). Further, the second embodiment has a frictional mechanism (151b) for inhibiting movement of the cord (132) for preventing inadvertent actuation of the switch (11, 21) and a mechanism (152, 153) for ensuring that a slanted-L-shaped handle (134) remains in a desirable posture for easy grasping by a person.
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