Virtual and Fantastic Urban Perceptions Through Cinema and Their Relation to Contemporary Cities

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Any form of media or literature has the potential of being used as a tool to depict our perception of how we would like our cities to be; or in some cases, how we would not want them to end up like (dystopia). This gives us the freedom of testing our ideas and may help us consider which of them may actually fan out to be true. The research aims at understanding the link between our contemporary cities and the cities that we perceive through our media (movies mostly). Both cities and movies have impressions of people living in that era and thus speak to the aspirations and perceptions of what some of these ideas expect future cities to turn out as. The paper will take into consideration several comparative case studies between cities from movies and reality that can be somewhat compared as they have certain common points. The analysis will be divided roughly into two parts for sake of convenience – one looking at examples of urban concepts and comparing them to ancient cities and cities of today to understand if they relate at all and two (speculative case studies), looking at current perceptions of future urban scenarios through movies to see and gauge a possibility of what might or might not be adopted in future. By doing so, the paper will try to understand what governs these virtual perceptions and is there a way to break these factors into tangible components that could help us devise a logical plan to progress towards better cities. The paper also states a set of assumptions that the author considers while analyzing these ideas with an attempt to find common points of comparison. They have been stated in the following sections.
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