Automated vision-based generation of event statistics for decision support

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Ogunmakin, Gbolabo
Vela, Patricio A.
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Many tasks require surveillance and analysis in order to make decisions regarding the next course of action. The people responsible for these tasks are usually concerned with any event that affects their bottom-line. Traditionally, human operators have had to either actively man a set of video displays to determine if specific events were occurring or manually review hours of collected video data to see if a specific event occurred. Actively monitoring video stream or manually reviewing and analyzing the data collected, however, is a tedious and long process which is prone to errors due to biases and inattention. Automatically processing and analyzing the video provides an alternate way of getting more accurate results because it can reduce the likelihood of missing important events and the human factors that lead to decreased efficiency. The thesis aims to contribute to the area of using computer vision as a decision support tool by integrating detector, tracker, re-identification, activity status estimation, and event processor modules to generate the necessary event statistics needed by a human operator. The contribution of this thesis is a system that uses feedback from each of the modules to provide better target detection, and tracking results for event statistics generation over an extended period of time. To demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed system, it is first used to generate event statistics that measure productivity on multiple construction work sites. The versatility of the proposed system is also demonstrated in an indoor assisted living environment by using it to determine how much of an influence a technology intervention had on promoting interactions amongst older adults in a shared space.
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