WPA 2.0: Beauty, Economics, Politics, Ecology and Creation of the 21st Century Public Infrastructure

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Drake, Susannah
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DLANDstudio provides an integrated approach to project planning, programming, and design. Operating across scales, the firm is committed to exploring how urban, suburban and rural communities can be enriched by strategic design that involves economics, ecology, culture and formal design. Urban design is by its nature systemic and our interdisciplinary team tests innovative new approaches to place‐making and urban infrastructure with pop‐up, pilot and more permanent implementation strategies. The work is as much about beauty, aesthetics, craft and materials as it is about ecology, human interactions, local microclimates, and performance. DLANDstudio often forms strategic partnerships with community groups and not‐for‐profit organizations across the country to seek funding for design and implementation of projects. This new paradigm of practice enables innovation in the public sector that is truly driven by the people who will benefit most from well designed public space. We help write the grants, develop the design and graphics and assemble materials in compelling ways that are understandable to funders; a process that has directed millions of dollars to the projects on which we work. More specifically, DLANDstudio presents a unique model of sustainable design practice that transforms urban infrastructure systems for park creation, urban beauty, and optimized use by people; storm water capture, and climate resilience.
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