Automated support for reproducing and debugging field failures

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Jin, Wei
Orso, Alessandro
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As confirmed by a recent survey conducted among developers of the Apache, Eclipse, and Mozilla projects, two extremely challenging tasks during maintenance are reproducing and debugging field failures--failures that occur on user machines after release. In my PhD study, I have developed several techniques to address and mitigate the problems of reproducing and debugging field failures. In this defense, I will present an overview of my work and describe in detail four different techniques: BugRedux, F3, Clause Weighting (CW), and On-demand Formula Computation (OFC). BugRedux is a general technique for reproducing field failures that collects dynamic data about failing executions in the field and uses this data to synthesize executions that mimic the observed field failures. F3 leverages the executions generated by BugRedux to perform automated debugging using a set of suitably optimized fault-localization techniques. OFC and CW improves the overall effectiveness and efficiency of state-of-the-art formula-based debugging. In addition to the presentation of these techniques, I will also present an empirical evaluation of the techniques on a set of real-world programs and field failures. The results of the evaluation are promising in that, for all the failures considered, my approach was able to (1) synthesize failing executions that mimicked the observed field failures, (2) synthesize passing executions similar to the failing ones, and (3) use the synthesized executions successfully to perform fault localization with accurate results.
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