Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage Symposium

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The Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage recognizes those around the world who, by standing up for clear moral principles in the social arena, have positively affected public discourse - at the risk of their own careers, their livelihoods, and even their lives.

The prize is funded in perpetuity by a grant from the Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation.

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  • Archival Material
    Dialogue with Beatrice Mtetwa and filmmaker Lorie Conway
    ( 2014-11-11) Conway, Lorie ; Mtetwa, Beatrice ; Royster, Jacqueline J.
    "Beatrice Mtetwa and The Rule of Law" documentary film features one of the bravest lawyers in Africa -- Beatrice Mtetwa in Zimbabwe. In spite of beatings by police and being arrested and jailed, Beatrice has courageously defended in court those jailed by the Mugabe government—peace activists, journalists, opposition candidates, farmers that had their land confiscated, ordinary citizens that had the courage to speak up.
  • Archival Material
    Presentation of the Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage 2014
    ( 2014-11-13) Denton, Travis ; Mtetwa, Beatrice ; Peterson, G. P. ; Royster, Jacqueline J.
    the 2014 Allen Prize Symposium honors Beatrice Mtetwa and her decades of work as a defender of human rights in Zimbabwe. This recognition of her work touches not only Zimbabwe but affirms a vision of a global community grounded in human dignity and social justice.
  • Archival Material
    A Dialogue with Beatrice Mtetwa and Panelists
    ( 2014-11-13) Hager, Sarah ; Hunter-Gault, Charlayne ; Mtetwa, Beatrice ; Richardson, Deborah ; Smith, Jeffrey ; Stremlau, John
    This symposium brings together individuals whose work reinforces that of Beatrice Mtetwa. They stand as witnesses to the power of a personal commitment to justice and to the work of The Carter Center; The National Center for Civil and Human Rights; the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights; Amnesty International, U.S.A.; and to the importance of a free press. Through their reflections on Beatrice Mtetwa and the challenges faced in the human rights struggle, they will explore our mutual endeavors to build communities of trust that are affirmed by the rule of law.