Mimesis Aegis: A Mimicry Privacy Shield

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Lau, Billy
Chung, Simon
Song, Chengyu
Jang, Yeongjin
Lee, Wenke
Boldyreva, Alexandra
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Users are increasingly storing, accessing, and exchanging data through public cloud services such as those provided by Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Although users may want to have faith in cloud providers to provide good security protection, the Snowden expos´e is the latest reminder of the reality we live in: the confidentiality of any data in public clouds can be violated, and consequently, while the providers may not be “doing evil”, we can not and should not trust them with data confidentiality. To better protect the privacy of user data stored on the cloud, in this paper we propose a privacy-preserving system called Mimesis Aegis (M-Aegis) that is suitable for mobile platforms. M-Aegis is a new approach to user data privacy that not only provides isolation but also preserves user experience, through the creation of a conceptual layer called Layer 7.5 (L-7.5), which is interposed between the application (Layer 7) and the user (Layer 8). This approach allows M-Aegis to implement a true endto- end encryption of user data with three goals in mind: 1) complete data and logic isolation from untrusted entities; 2) the preservation of original user experience with target apps; and 3) applicable to a large number of apps and resilient to updates.
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