Improving Urban Living Options for Families: A Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendation On Making Cities Family Friendly

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Calvert, Bradley
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Our nation is witnessing what many have described as the next great migration. Millions of Americans are returning to city centers, from hip urban professionals, to the silver haired retirees of the boomer years. In this process cities have designed and planned families, particularly those with children, out of this migration. This is particularly apparent to middle class families. Policies, initiatives, and investments have ignored the opportunity to invest in our city’s’ futures through families and children. This has resulted in making highly urbanized areas as a home for families more complex and unattainable than it need be. This research will focus on these key questions: What are the benefits for families, particularly children, of living in a highly urbanized environment? What have been the challenges for retaining and attracting families into living in highly urbanized areas? What policies have been implemented to improve the livability of highly urbanized areas and what were their impacts? This research will examine the challenges that both families and cities face in crafting urban family friendly environments.
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