Nutrient Trading Framework in the Coosa Basin

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Hawks, Laurie
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The Northwest Georgia Partnership is a group of water providers in Coosa Basin and surrounding watersheds. The Partnership is facing new permit limits in the Coosa Basin for wastewater discharges due to the Lake Weiss TMDL. GAEPD has proposed Total Phosphorus limits of 1 mg/L on all major dischargers. For some facilities, this represents a significant investment to meet these requirements. The Partnership applied for and received a USEPA 319(h) grant to evaluate Nutrient Trading in the Coosa Basin, set up a framework to implement trading, and identify a demonstration trade between a point source and non-point source BMP. There are many potential benefits to water quality trading including achieving pollution reduction goals at an overall lower cost, targeting reduction closer to the water body of concern, and engaging non-point sources that may not have other regulatory incentives to meet reductions. If a trade and framework are implemented, it would be the first in the state of Georgia. The presentation will include benefits of trading, common elements of a trading framework, phosphorus runoff coefficients, point and non-point costs, and example trade with non-point BMPs concept plan.
Sponsored by: Georgia Environmental Protection Division; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service; Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Water Resources Institute; The University of Georgia, Water Resources Faculty.
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