Design and analysis of common control channels in cognitive radio ad hoc networks

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Lo, Brandon Fang-Hsuan
Akyildiz, Ian F.
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Common control channels in cognitive radio (CR) ad hoc networks are spectrum resources temporarily allocated and commonly available to CR users for control message exchange. With no presumably available network infrastructure, CR users rely on cooperation to perform spectrum management functions. One the one hand, CR users need to cooperate to establish common control channels, but on the other hand, they need to have common control channels to facilitate such cooperation. This control channel problem is further complicated by primary user (PU) activities, channel impairments, and intelligent attackers. Therefore, how to reliably and securely establish control links in CR ad hoc networks is a challenging problem. In this work, a framework for control channel design and analysis is proposed to address control channel reliability and security challenges for seamless communication and spectral efficiency in CR ad hoc networks. The framework tackles the problem from three perspectives: (i) responsiveness to PU activities: an efficient recovery control channel method is devised to efficiently establish control links and extend control channel coverage upon PU's return while mitigating the interference with PUs, (ii) robustness to channel impairments: a reinforcement learning-based cooperative sensing method is introduced to improve cooperative gain and mitigate cooperation overhead, and (iii) resilience to jamming attacks: a jamming-resilient control channel method is developed to combat jamming under the impacts of PU activities and spectrum sensing errors by leveraging intrusion defense strategies. This research is particularly attractive to emergency relief, public safety, military, and commercial applications where CR users are highly likely to operate in spectrum-scarce or hostile environment.
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