Tracking the Effects of Sea Level Rise in Georgia's Coastal Communities

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Campbell, Gillam
Clermont, Marvin
Colberg, Kathryn
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Harkness, Anna Rose
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Climate scientists have projected that in approximately 100 years sea level will rise by at least one meter along the Georgia coast. While this prognosis is significant and potentially devastating, the change will be slow and incremental. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to take advantage of these early warnings to investigate the effects that a sea level rise of this extent would have on our population, our natural and built environments, and our economy. In an effort to confront the challenge of planning for sea level rise (SLR), ten graduate students from the Georgia Institute of Technologyメs School of City and Regional Planning, under the direction of Dr. Larry Keating, FAICP, and Dana Habeeb, and in partnership with the Georgia Conservancy, have investigated potential impacts and adaptation opportunities for three counties along the Georgia coast: Chatham, Liberty, and McIntosh. This study region spans 1,378 square miles of the Georgia and contains a population of 334,099.
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