Case Study on Residential Humidity Control at U.S. Coast Guard Bayamon Housing

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Meneses, Ivan R.
Thomas, Linda
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The intention of this study is to investigate the main source of unacceptable humidity levels at the U.S. Coast Guard Housing located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The aim of this research is to use a systematic approach to resolve the humidity and mold issues by testing the least expensive solutions first. This study involves the recording of indoor air quality conditions for six months as an analysis tool to investigate current air conditions and to document how physical changes to the air conditioning units will affect the resulting air conditions. This research will investigate and implement different approaches geared to solving the high humidity issues. Some of the most relevant changes that will be tested are the installation of heat pipe technology, the addition of fresh air to existing air conditioning units to create positive pressure, and the review of the space load design of currently installed air conditioning units to determine if the units were over-designed. In addition, this study will verify the relationship between energy-saving thermostats and high humidity, determine any connection between roof leaks and high humidity indoors, and determine the estimated cost to the Coast Guard to implement the recommended changes.
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