The socio-cultural implications of artificial intelligence through the study of emerging technologies in modern society

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Rao, Nikita
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The purpose of this project to develop an understanding of popular representations of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by researching the philosophy of AI, science fiction, and the practices of current AI/Robotics laboratories in Atlanta. AI research and development, while a much-discussed topic in the world of the scientist, is not given much thought in everyday life. People do not recognize that AI permeates in their everyday lives in kitchen appliances, vehicle motors, and other household devices. Even these familiar and often-used items could be called intelligent. By analysing the development of the AI, it will be possible to understand not only its progression and effects on the scientific and philosophical societies, but also its ramifications in a broader socio-cultural context. The approach is to develop an understanding of several principal theorists’ work to gain a clear sense of the formation of the AI movement and current questions. This work will be put in relation to prominent instances of popular culture through a number of Science Fiction texts and films. Then the research will turn toward local AI and robotics development in the Georgia Tech Mobile Laboratory and the Georgia Tech Laboratory for Neurotechnology and the original Dartmouth conferences. By studying the current laboratory attempts to forge AI in relation to philosophy and fiction, this research will increase understanding of the relationship between popular notions of artificial Intelligence and its actual implementation.
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