Another Look at the 5Ds: Insights from a Cincinnati Area based GPS Survey

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Byahut, Sweta
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Sweta Byahut will present her research design and discuss the outcomes of her recently completed dissertation research. In her research she explores the land use – transportation – environmental nexus in Hamilton County, OH that includes the city of Cincinnati. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from household travel are a major contributor to climate change, generating up to 65% of total transportation CO2 emissions in the US. Urban and regional planners have long been exploring the feasibility of mixed use as a potential climate mitigation tool, with the belief that there is a significant link between different aspects of the built environment and the vehicle miles traveled (VMT). However, there are concerns that the link between built form and land use is not strong enough due to lack of enough convincing studies and often conflicting evidence. In her research she analyzes the impact of land use diversity and other land use characteristics on household travel. She developed an improved entropy-based measure of land use diversity, and measures for building density, street and intersection density, distance to transit, and regional accessibility using advanced GIS tools with parcel level land use data, and estimated household travel from the GPS-based Greater Cincinnati Household Travel Survey 2009-10. Her research informs policy makers on the feasibility of using land use diversity and other land use characteristics for reducing household travel related emissions. The audience will develop a better understanding of the relationship between different land use characteristics and household travel at a regional scale, the application of advanced GIS tools in land use metrics, and the potential for travel demand management through compact and mixed use development.
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