Visualization of Exception Handling Constructs to Support Program Understanding

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Shah, Hina
Görg, Carsten
Harrold, Mary Jean
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This paper presents a new visualization technique for supporting the understanding of exception-handling constructs in Java programs. To understand the requirements for such a visualization, we surveyed a group of software developers, and used the results of that survey to guide the creation of the visualizations. The technique presents the exception-handling information using three views: the quantitative view, the flow view, and the contextual view. The quantitative view provides a high-level view that shows the throw-catch interactions in the program, along with relative numbers of these interactions, at the package level, the class level, and the method level. The flow view shows the type-throw-catch interactions, illustrating information such as which exception types reach particular throw statements, which catch statements handle particular throw statements, and which throw statements are not caught in the program. The contextual view shows, for particular type-throw-catch interactions, the packages, classes, and methods that contribute to that exception-handling construct. We implemented our technique in an Eclipse plugin called EnHanCe and conducted a usability and utility study with participants in industry.
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