Sonification of Pressure Changes in Swimming for Analysis and Optimization

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Hermann, Thomas
Ungerechts, Bodo
Toussaint, Huub
Grote, Marius
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This paper introduces new methods for the sonification of pressure sensor data measured while executing crawl stroke swimming. Swimming research aims at better understanding the flow conditions and detailed dynamics in order to adapt swimming strokes to achieve maximal speed with minimal energy consumption. The fact that during interaction of body and water a pressure field is induced while water masses are displaced is considered rarely. In reaction to the changes of the pressure field the swimming speed of the body is changed. The Sonification of the pressure data measured at one stroking hand (palm and back of hand), shoulder and elbow turns the hydrodynamic situation into a complex sonic rhythmical motive, which supports the recognition of auditory gestalts and the differentiation therein, and may in future real-time sonification help the swimmers to optimize their motions. Furthermore the sonifications can be synchronized to video recordings for data analysis and coaching. We describe several alternative Sonification prototypes and discuss the resulting sounds in their ability to bring different patterns to attention. The application gives an example for newly introduced intermediate sonifications that bridge the gap between action and effect sonification.
EXC 277 (CITEC) of DFG (German Research Council)
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