Emerging Water Resources Management Issues in the Savannah River Basin

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Anderson, Meredith Clarke
Crosby, Leroy G.
Knowles, Sally
Johnson, Nolton G.
Ivey, Olin M.
Coomer, Chuck
Hatcher, Kathryn J.
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The Savannah River basin is an important natural resource for the States of Georgia and South Carolina, due to both its valuable ecological and economic resources. In recent years, agencies, organizations, and industry from both states have begun an effort to cooperatively manage the resources of the Savannah River basin to conserve, restore, enhance, and protect its ecosystems in a way that allows the balancing of multiple uses. To that end, the Savannah River Basin Watershed Project was initiated in 1993 to begin a process for cooperative and comprehensive management of the basin. Basin stakeholders have been identifying and prioritizing resource issues in the basin, and a structure has been put in place to address these issues. Additionally, each agency and organization involved in the project is utilizing the project structure and process to address issues pertinent to their individual organization. This panel of basin stakeholders will express their views on the important emerging issues for their agency or organization and the relevance of the Savannah River basin Watershed Project for addressing these issues.
Sponsored and Organized by: U.S. Geological Survey, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, The University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology
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