Hahira Town Plan

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McKinney, Edward
Barksdale, Daryl
Black, Timothy
Borrelli, Juan
Chapin, Timothy
Dikes, Shawn
Eidson, Cynthia
Hayes, James
Hipp, Mark
Seuglung, Eric
Tatum, Lucien, III
Wagonmaker, Daniel
Wright, Denise
Young , Douglas
Daganhart, Richard
Nelson, Chris
McKinney, Edward
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Project Summary. Location: Hahira is a small Georgia town with about 1300 residents. Interstate Highway 75 connects Hahira to Valdosta, Georgia, a regional economic center, about 15 miles to the south, near the Georgia - Florida border. Situation: Hahira like many small southern towns grew from the intersection of two roads with a nearby railroad depot. While many small towns are declining with vacant main streets and deteriorating neighborhoods, Hahira has continued to thrive as a traditional small town. Today, however Hahira is changing. Inadequate sanitary sewer infrastructure limited growth for several decades. The recently completed sewer system will allow new growth, permitting the population to expand from 1300 to a maximum capacity 3000 residents. Valdosta's continued growth makes Hahira a very desirable place to live. One can live in a traditional small town, and yet be able to commute to jobs in a metropolitan area of almost 100,000. Hahira citizens are now concerned with preserving the advantages of its small town character while attracting and accommodating the new growth.
City of Hahira
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