Design and implementation of an attribute-based authorization management system

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Mohan, Apurva
Blough, Douglas M.
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The proposed research is in the area of attribute-based authorization systems. We address two specific research problems in this area. First, evaluating authorization policies in multi-authority systems where there are multiple stakeholders in the disclosure of sensitive data. The research proposes to consider all the relevant policies related to authorization in real time upon the receipt of an access request and to resolve any differences that these individual policies may have in authorization. Second, to enable a lot of entities to participate in the authorization process by asserting attributes on behalf of the principal accessing resources. Since it is required that these asserted attributes be trusted by the authorization system, it is necessary that these entities are themselves trusted by the authorization system. Two frameworks are proposed to address these issues. In the first contribution a dynamic authorization system is proposed which provides conflict detection and resolution among applicable policies in a multi-authority system. The authorization system is dynamic in nature and considers the context of an access request to adapt its policy selection, execution and conflict handling based on the access environment. Efficient indexing techniques are used to increase the speed of authorization policy loading and evaluation. In the second contribution, we propose a framework for service providers to evaluate trust in entities asserting on behalf of service users in real time upon receipt of an access request. This trust evaluation is done based on a reputation system model, which is designed to protect itself against known attacks on reputation systems.
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