Atlanta NPU-G Community Master Plan - A Live-Work-Play Approach to Upward Mobility

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Allen, Colleen
Caiafa, Tom
Clark, Jesse
Gitt, Sarah
Liwag, Kenneth
McClendon, Emily
McBurney, Andy
Pochowski, Alek
Robertson, Evan
Rosintoski, Erin
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This report focuses on Neighborhood Planning Unit G (NPU-G), a relatively unknown and seemingly forgotten area located just northwest of Atlanta’s city center. NPU-G is a neighborhood of contrasts: beautiful natural resources comingle with human-made nuisances; one of the oldest established neighborhoods where residents of 30 or more years still live has a severe lack of everyday-living resources. Containing natural features such as the Chattahoochee River, a rural aspect, and dedicated parks, NPU-G has unique appeal in a city known for its urban greenspaces. However, NPU-G is also known for large tracts of public housing, one of the biggest landfills in the city, and minimal provision of basic services. Although the lack of development in NPU-G has preserved the natural resources already available, it has also created a state of neglect for the residents of the neighborhood. NPU-G provides the perfect forum for current policy to be implemented and showcased, and for Atlanta to demonstrate the capacity for rebirth for which the city is known. The conditions of NPU-G supply the ideal opportunity for the City of Atlanta to implement sustainable and innovative solutions at lower costs. The lack of existing infrastructure or development provides a clean slate rare for new projects within the city limits. The natural resources, especially the Chattahoochee River, are unique to the area and will generate opportunities unavailable in other neighborhoods, drawing interest in and resources to the area.
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