Atlanta Braves Baseball Stadium Redevelopment: Stadium Neighborhoods TAD

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Dagenhart, Richard
Green, David
Chapman, Jutin
Burtoyan, Hrach
Chapman, Justin
Hawthorne, Dane
Kellog, Kristin
Smith, Taylor
Branum, Cassie
Combs, Jason
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An urban design studio and research project advising the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Braves regarding proposed redevelopment of the site of the Fulton County Stadium and Turner Field. The site was within the boundary of the Stadium Neighborhoods TAD (Tax Allocation District) which provides tax increment financing for infrastructure and public purpose projects. The primary aim of the project was to prepare a decision framework and an illustrative plan for the stadium parking lots for future commercial development, housing and deck parking for about 5000 spaces to serve the Braves on game days and conventional real estate demands. Of particular concern was weaving the project with the surrounding neighborhoods, which had long been impacted by urban urban renewal, parking overflow into neighborhoods, and lack of community services and jobs. The project became moot after the Braves left Downtown Atlanta for the suburbs. However, the City of Atlanta adopted the report as the basis for a Request for Proposals for public/private entities to acquire the Turner Field Stadium and parking lots for other uses. The site was awarded to a private developer in partnership with Georgia State University’s expansion and athletic facilities. The report was also the basis for a Neighborhood Benefits agreement between the surrounding neighborhoods and the Georgia State/Developer partnership.
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