The Krakatoa Chronicle - An Interactive, Personalized NewsPaper on the Web

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Kamba, Tomonari
Bharat, Krishna A.
Albers, Michael C.
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This paper describes The Krakatoa Chronicle, a highly interactive, personalized newspaper on the World Wide Web (WWW). It is intended for Java-aware WWW browsers such as HotJava, and is architecturally quite different from conventional web-based newspapers. Its high interactivity and powerful personalization are the result of sending an interactive agent along with the text of the newspaper to function within the user's web-browser. The agent uses the network connection to the WWW server site to fetch resources dynamically and for updating the user's personal profile through relevance feedback. Users are provided browsing options such as scrolling, maximizing, resizing and peeking at articles. These operations not only enhance the reading experience but also transparently provide information to our agent about the user's locus of interest. Ours is the first web newspaper to attempt a realistic rendering of a newspaper, with a multi-column format and embedded, custom, widgets for easy browsing. We provide dynamic layout control mechanisms that let the user specify how personal and community interests should be interpreted by the agent in designing the layout.
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