Perspectives of Multimedia Systems: Reports from the 1994 Dagstuhl Multimedia Seminar

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In July 1994, leading international multimedia researchers met in the International Computer Science Research Center at Dagstuhl Castle to discuss the fundamentals and perspectives of their field. The purpose of the seminar was twofold: to arrive at a common understanding of basic technologies of the field as they have evolved over the last decade and to decide on the most important issues for multimedia research in the years to come. This report provides a summary of the presentations and discussions at Dagstuhl. Enclosed are also the position papers submitted by the workshop participants. It covers a broad range of topics: multimedia encoding methods, operating system support, network and communication technology, storage and databases, mailing, conferencing, and human-computer interfaces. The seminar devoted one session to each of these topics. A so-called white paper presentation introduced the state of the art in each area and provided the basis for a round of discussions that were initiated by position statements from selected speakers. At the end of each session, a research agenda was compiled to collect questions that the seminar participants believed to be of particular importance to the advancement of the field.
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