Using Graphic History in Browsing the World Wide Web

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Ayers, Eric Z.
Stasko, John T.
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Users of hypertext systems often find themselves eagerly following hypertext links deeper and deeper into a hypertext web, only to find themselves "lost" and unable find their way back to previously visited pages. As navigation aids to help users orient themselves in the web, browsers often provide a list of the documents a user has visited, a way to move for ward and backward along previously traversed links, and a quick way to return to a home document. Still, users often have trouble re-visiting a page that was previously viewed in a session, especially after many invocations of the backtracking shortcuts. MosaicG is derivative work of NCSA Mosaic[1] version 2.5 which enhances the history keeping facility of the browser by providing a two dimensional view of the documents a user has visited in a session. It is intended as an easy to use aid in navigating a collection of hypertext documents. By presenting titles, URLs and thumbnail images of the docu ments a user has visited in a session, the Graphic History View allows a user to easily rec ognize a previously visited document and provides an easy way for the user to re-visit that document and analyze the structure of a set of hypertext documents.
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