A Crow or a Blackbird?: Using True Social Network and Tweeting Behavior to Detect Malicious Entities in Twitter

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Balasubramaniyan, Vijay A.
Maheswaran, Arjun
Mahalingam, Viswanathan
Ahamad, Mustaque
Venkateswaran, H.
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The growing popularity of Twitter and its ability to enable near instantaneous sharing of information has made it a target of attacks by malicious entities who use it to spam and provide links to malware. There is evidence that these entities are using increasingly sophisticated techniques that mimic the behavior of reputed sources to avoid detection. We use novel mechanisms that utilize the true social network of users, the quality of information produced by them and their tweeting behavior to identify such entities. A scheme based on these mechanisms is even able to detect malicious entities that collude to establish dense social networks. Using actual data from a representative sample of 278, 758 Twitter users, we demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by showing that (1) we identified 5334 accounts that had links to unsafe websites, and (2) over a period of 31 days, 181 accounts that our algorithm identified as potentially malicious were subsequently suspended by Twitter. We believe our algorithm is one of the first to automatically deal with a broad range of malicious entities present in Twitter.
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