Modulation spaces, BMO and the Zak transform, and minimizing IPH functions over the unit simplex

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Tinaztepe, Ramazan
Heil, Christopher E.
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This thesis consists of two parts. In the first chapter, we give some results on modulation spaces. First the relationship between the classical spaces and the modulation spaces is established. It is proved that certain modulation spaces defined on R² lie in the BMO space. Another result is that the Zak transform, a discrete time-frequency transform, maps a modulation space into a higher dimensional modulation space. And by using these results, an uncertainty principle for Gabor frames via modulation spaces is obtained. In the second part, we deal with optimization of an increasing positively homogeneous functions on the unit simplex. The class of increasing positively homogeneous functions is one of the function classes obtained via min-type functions in the context of abstract convexity. The cutting angle method is used for the minimization of this type functions. The most important step of this method is the minimization of a function which is the maximum of a number of min-type functions on the unit simplex. We propose a numerical algorithm for the minimization of such functions on the unit simplex and we mathematically prove that this algorithm finds the exact solution of the minimization problem. Some experiments have been carried out and the results of the experiments have been presented.
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