Interacting with Multiple Alternatives Generated by Recognition Technologies

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Mankoff, Jennifer C.
Abowd, Gregory D.
Hudson, Scott E.
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Despite significant advances in recognition technologies in areas such as speech and gesture recognition, our experience tells us that recognition errors and uncertainty are unlikely to disappear. For the foreseeable future, use of recognition based systems will introduce uncertainty into the input process. If interactive systems are going to work robustly with recognition-based input, it will be necessary to consider uncertainty as a normal part of input handling rather than considering it to be an anomaly or an exceptional condition. This paper considers techniques for explicit treatment of input uncertainty in user interfaces. In particular, it considers a general class of techniques for the display of, and interaction with, multiple alternatives generated by recognition technologies. Augmentation of the typical event-handling infrastructure is discussed, as well as an application interface infrastructure which attempts to minimize the impact of uncertainty on the application. A prototype system that embodies this infrastructure is also considered.
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