An Interview-based Study of Display Space Management

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Hutchings, Dugald Ralph
Stasko, John T.
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There are a number of challenges for researchers in the area of window and screen space management: (1) many systems have been proposed, but little study on people's window interaction habits exists, (2) users of emerging display systems have different properties and needs than users of single-display systems, yet users might also interact with several different types of systems, and (3) evaluation is difficult since habits are unknown but more importantly there are two very different roles that managers must fulfill: allow the user to complete one task through the aid of several windows and be able to switch to or monitor a different task. To begin to answer these challenges, we present a interview-based study of window system users that investigates the way they manage screen space. Results include the characteristics common across all users as well as a classification of management styles. We also present some implications for building and evaluating window and display space management systems.
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