Course Related Content: A Management Solution

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Sewell, Bethany B.
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Course Related Content (or Reserves) at the University of Denver's Penrose Library is a multi-departmental network of units working together to support the teaching needs of the DU faculty by providing course related content upon request. Currently our services include the following: electronic reserves, traditional reserves (printed material), streaming video, streaming audio, and non-art images. Penrose, like many other academic libraries, has multiple systems for delivering course related content for their community and each system requires its own unique workflow management from faculty request to the final delivery of content for student use. Materials often need to be reformatted, purchased, cleared for use, and have customized metadata created. Requests need to be submitted, processed, tracked, and designated as complete. The reserve unit is the clearing house for these requests at Penrose. We wanted a comprehensive management system that provides our faculty with one easy to use form for requesting materials, real time tracking of their requests, and the ability for our partners in creating content to actively interface and update the progress of individual requests. This presentation is a result of a review of our options for managing this work. This study compares and contrasts multiple options and requirements for reserves to manage today's wide array of course related content. Systems Covered: 1. Third party vendors 2. ILS system reserve modules 3. Course Management Systems 4. Other open source software/home-grown systems There is research in our field regarding each of these solution, however, I intend to give an analysis of each in the context of the new issues of reserves or Course Related Content. I also include additional partners on campus to be involved in the decision making process including the College Bookstore, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the University Technology Services.
Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center; Georgia State University Library; Georgia Gwinnett College Library
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