Profession Without Discipline Would be Blind

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Karczewska, Zuzanna
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This paper explores two design studio projects developed and conducted at the School of Architecture at the University of Kansas. Through their pedagogy these projects posed the question of the engagement of the discipline vs. profession of architecture in the beginning design education. The profession and discipline of architecture differ in their primary foci. The profession focuses on the product and the ways of production. Discipline is concerned with the more philosophical questions of why and what we build and where the designer's inspiration comes from. In other words - what is the design process? The projects discussed in this paper were an attempt to address the question of design process as a part of the early design education. Both projects addressed most basic concerns of architecture. One of the projects focused on the understanding of the physical forces of a natural environment, a place of a person in that environment and the role of a built structure as a mediator between the natural world and an inhabitant. The second project was an attempt to offer students an intuitive understanding of structure, enclosure, light and shadow. Architecture as a discipline has a responsibility and privilege of searching for our place in the world. It is true that discipline of architecture without the profession would not exist but the profession without the discipline would be blind. What makes a great professional is not only the ability to put a building together, but most of all the awareness of the importance of architecture as discipline.
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