The Global Registries Initiative: Progress Report and Software Demonstration

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Blackall, Chris
Frumkin, Jeremy
Lyte, Vic
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Over the last two years, key stakeholders in the U.S., UK, and Australia have held a series of meetings to address the need for a global network of digital library collection and service registries (http://globalregistries.org/meetings.html). These meetings brought together different communities to explore what steps would need to be taken to link registry and repository technologies and implementations together in an interoperable fashion. The architecture and standards used for the global network of registries have yet to be finalized, but there is growing awareness of the potential of such a service and there are software systems available that demonstrate its benefits. The speakers will showcase and discuss two such software systems: (1) A combined collections and services registry run by the Australian National Data Service that aggregates metadata records from Australia, UK, and USA (https://devel.apsr.edu.au/cosi/orca/search.php) using the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting; and (2) The LibraryFind Global Pilot, a discovery service that queries registries distributed over three continents. LibraryFind supports distributed search (or meta-search) protocols such as z39.50, SRU/SRW, and Open Search, as well as OAI-PMH aggregation (http://apollo.library.oregonstate.edu:3001/record/search) The presentation will be of particular interest to repository developers and managers who are interested in providing access to scholarly collections as part of broad disciplinary or institutional 'federations'. It will also provide an overview of registry technolgies and standards and how these relate to repository development in the context of an emerging global cyberinfrastructure. More information about the Global Registries Initiative can be found at the web site (http://www.globalregistries.org).
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