Investigating Color as Cue to Recalling Text Location

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Ivey, Kacey
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This experiment compared the accuracy and latency of text location recall from color versus non-color images under five experimental conditions. Condition 1 contained images with constant color and text location. Condition 2 contained images with random color and text location. Condition 3 contained images with constant color and random text location. Condition 4 contained images with random color and constant text location. Condition 5 contained paired color and text in a random location each trial. The participants viewed the image and immediately were asked about the location of particular text within the image. It is expected that in Condition 1, 2, 3 and 4 accuracy percentages will be higher and latency scores will be lower for non-color trials, while the opposite will be true for Condition 5. This will suggest that color is assistive when a relationship is established. The results of the experiment show no significant differences between color and black and white conditions. Text pattern (whether the text changed or remained constant) was the most indicative variable of performance. This implies that the experimental conditions did not adequately associate text and color.
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Undergraduate Thesis
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