The Right Stuff

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Sandler, Josh
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My poster for "The Right Stuff" highlights some of the films elements which are not present in the original movie poster. I used graphics software to edit and combine various images to create my poster. The background of the poster is a sky gradient. The primary visual element on the poster is a photo of a Mercury-Atlas rocket from an upward looking angle. Apart from the title and tagline, the poster contains two other visual elements, which are a drawing of the seven astronauts faces and a photo of Chuck Yeager in front of Glamorous Glennis, the X-1 he used to break the sound barrier. My intention with the poster was to draw some attention to the rockets and the theme of transitioning to the future. The image of the Atlas rocket is placed at the lower left corner of the poster and extends diagonally up and to the right. I applied a motion blur to the image to give it an effect of speed and motion. These physical experiences are present in the film in many scenes and the motion blur conveys this experience to the viewer. Though the "right stuff" refers to the skills of the astronauts it is important to recognize the "right stuff" possessed by the thousands of engineers and scientists who contributed to the developments of the space program. The inclusion of the photo of the rocket is also intended to show the importance of the hardware used by the astronauts. The images of Chuck Yeager and the astronauts are meant to complement the films tagline, "How the future began." The photograph of Chuck Yeager is positioned at the bottom right of the poster, and the lines of the rocket lead the viewers attention from Chuck Yeager up to the astronauts. This is meant to be symbolic of the transition from the veteran pilot to the hot shot astronauts. Additionally, the astronauts appear to be looking off into space, which can be interpreted as looking into the unknown future for whatever developments may occur. The title is printed in red and has a blue stroke to encompass the patriotic elements of the movie. The font I selected is futuristic looking and meant to represent the futuristic nature of the space program to the viewer. The font also gives a sense of speed and motion which contributes to showing the theme of the future and its developments. Below the title is the tagline, which is also written in a futuristic looking font. Through my poster I wanted to draw attention to the theme of transitioning to the future. This is the tagline of the movie, but the original poster did nothing to support the tagline. Through the composition and selection of visual elements on my poster I represented this experience to the viewer.
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