Black Hawk Down

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Kwan, Brian
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My poster has three main pictures or elements in it. They are an outline of the continent of Africa, a picture of a soldier carrying another soldier over his back, and a picture of a crashed helicopter. The outline of Africa was chosen to show where this movie takes place. The picture of the soldier carrying the other soldier was added to go along with line "Leave no man behind". It is an example of what the soldier has to do bring he fellow comrade to safety. At the bottom of the poster a picture of a crashed or shot down helicopter was added to correlate with the title of the movie, Black Hawk Down. The helicopter is a black hawk helicopter and it is "downed" or damaged. The colors chosen for the poster also have a reason behind it. Like the original Black Hawk Down poster the orange or brown color was used a lot. The whole poster was given an orange tint over it to represent the desert/dirt of Africa, and also to blend the pictures together. The color of the title was also kept similar to the original poster, because red can represent blood and blood occurs some much in the movie. The main elements relate to the theme of how air technology, although usually great, can be damaging to the one who uses it. The helicopters give the soldiers a sense of extra protection. They can move quickly with them and while the soldiers are on the ground they have protection in the air that can see more than they can. Especially in Africa, where most countries don’t have any military strength that can threaten that of the United States', one would think that with helicopters, the militants in Africa don’t stand a chance. The outline of Africa on the poster tells the audience not only where the movie occurs, but who the army is up against. They are usually untrained civilians sometimes children that have guns and not much else in terms of military technology. The crashed helicopter in the poster represents the problems that the army is going to have to face. First, they probably didn’t think that was going to happen and now they have to go save the soldiers and pilots that were in the helicopter, which is presented in the line, "Leave no man behind". The picture of the soldier carrying another soldiers shows that they have a mission to rescue the crashed soldiers. They have to carry them out, because they cannot use another helicopter in fear of another one getting shot down.
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