Pearl Harbor

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Witharana, Janek
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For the revision of the Pearl Harbor movie poster, I chose to make the love theme within the movie more evident. In the original poster, one can hardly guess that there is a love story in the movie since the main focus of the poster is the pilots and nurse in heroic poses and war imagery filling in the rest of the poster. To emphasize the love theme in the new poster, the three main characters are positioned in the near bottom center of the poster, silhouetted by the sun behind them. Since the three characters form a love triangle, all three had to help present the love theme. Ben Affleck’s character is embracing Kate Beckinsale’s character and a side profile image of the two is seen in front of the sun. Josh Harnett’s character is standing off to the right side of them and looking away from the couple, but Kate Beckinsale is extending her arm out behind her, out of Ben Affleck’s sight to hold on to Josh Harnett’s hand. This is as far as the representation of the love theme goes. The characters in the new poster are made to be small to show that their struggle is nothing compared to the epic conflict around them. The war theme has still a major part in the poster revision. The characters are emphasized in the center of the image but are small compared to the rest of the war imagery that surrounds them. The sun behind them is setting on the horizon above the ocean (the three characters are standing on the horizon). And emanating off the sun are rays that are slightly tinted red. This is an abstract image of the WWII era Japanese flag (the Rising sun). To either side of the poster are numerous warships, facing each other. And in the sky above the sun and horizon and ships is a Japanese aircraft formation flying out of the poster. The ocean is faded to black down to the bottom of the image where the title text is. The text is in a similar font to the one used on the original poster. The poster allows the viewer to assume with a greater degree of certainty that a love theme is prevalent throughout the movie. The evidence is the pilot and nurse embracing while the nurse is holding on to the hand of the other pilot. However, the viewer can still expect to see war action scenes and fighting. While the imagery in the poster is sparse, the viewer will have an easier time assuming that the movie incorporates two themes, love and war, which play large roles in the movie Pearl Harbor.
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