Band of Brothers

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Sterritt, Justin
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My poster is of the invasion of Normandy and how Easy Company, along with the rest of the 101st Airborne Division, was dropped behind enemy lines the night before D-day. I chose this event in the series, because it was a good representation of how soldiers had to trust their airplane and pilot to get them safely to their destination. It took bravery to go up in a plane that was going to be taking heavy gunfire from the enemy on the ground. One hit could end their chance of surviving the war. I began by just putting together images of a airplane and soldiers with parachutes together. I wanted to show an airplane that was flying overhead and dropping soldier behind enemy lines. The airplanes could hold many people, which meant that the company could fly and jump together, so I put many men parachuting down in a big group. Then I added explosions in the air, because the are dropping behind enemy lines. After that I placed a quote that Easy Company would use as a war cry. It was Currahee, which is a mountain located where they had basic training. As a group during basic training, they would suffer together, and run up the mountain many times. Then for the final touch I placed the title at the bottom of the poster. Also notice, that there are no individuals or faces, which helps preserve the concept of a unit. In addition to the images, I decided to go with a black and white color scheme for the poster. A black and white scheme made it look like a picture that could have been taken from the time period. Besides following the theme of trust between the soldiers and their plane and pilot, I also decided to go with a theme of awe. This is just a picture of one plane dropping many people out of one plane. The viewer can then imagine many more planes dropping more people behind enemy lines. The demonstrates the same awe to the viewer as it would have to the enemy when they saw thousands of soldiers parachuting around them. Overall the poster is to attract interest to by amazing the viewer using sublimation and evoking respect for the brave soldiers for trusting a relatively new technology. The drop of the airborne division was massive, and hard for a person to imagine. A person can wonder and might be able to begin to understand a drop of that size, but that person can’t fully visualize the drop with out an aid of some sort like video, and that is why a full picture is not shown on the poster. It intrigues the viewer to watch the show and find out.
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