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Bayard, Jenny
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Just as the travel poster for the Air Afrique airline company used the visual elements of pose of figures, objects, color, composition of image and text to create a general theme for the poster, the poster I created also used these same visual elements to this extent. Although the Air Afrique advertisement created a distinct theme of the difference between experiencing Africa by reading about it and experiencing Africa by seeing it, there are many different themes that could be emphasized in their travel poster. Rather than choosing to emphasize this same theme, I chose instead to modify the way in which these visual elements are presented so as to portray the idea that traveling to Africa allows the traveler to become engulfed by the atmosphere of the land and essentially become one with the nature of Africa. In the poster the lone figure is that of a giraffe eating from a tree. The giraffe’s neck is stretched upward not only toward the tree branch but also toward the plane in the distance. As the giraffe, the tree and the plane are also the only objects in this poster, these two visual elements seem to connect the giraffe with the plane, tying them together to make them part of the nature of Africa. By connecting the plane to nature in this way, the idea of Air Afrique as a medium between the viewer and nature becomes clear even as the lines separating nature and machine seem to blur. I purposefully chose to place the plane in this location on the poster for this reason. Because the neck of the giraffe is stretching up towards it, the eye should be led from the giraffe directly to the plane upon viewing the poster, thus also connecting the two images in the viewer’s mind. Additionally, with the background of the setting sun, the plane seems to stand out even as it seems to blend in with the African landscape.
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