Tora! Tora! Tora!

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Wilson, Christopher
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When making my own version of the Tora! Tora! Tora! movie poster, I chose to remain true to the simple color scheme in my design. I decided that the yellow was rather out of place with the other colors so I removed it in my design. I also omitted any author portraits or names because I felt them unnecessary in conveying the theme of my poster. The background of my poster is a photograph of the USS. Arizona explosion with a picture of a Japanese Zero fighter plane superimposed into the foreground. I believe the historical pictures not only let the viewer know what the movie is about, but also improve upon the old poster’s ominous tone while emphasizing the action of the film. When people go to the movies they want to see plenty of action, so I made sure to exploit that desire in my poster. In making my poster, I also changed the original dull red background to a transparent Japanese flag. Not only did I find the change more visually appealing than the original, but it also plays into the Japanese flag theme of the whole poster. In addition, I decided to place the title for the film in bright red font directly on the side of the fighter plane. This placement makes the title more noticeable and also emphasizes the speed and danger of the Japanese Zero sweeping in for the kill. To top it all off, I added bits of Roosevelt’s pearl harbor speech at the top and bottom of the poster. These quotes further hint at the plot, and also inspire a sense of reverence in the viewer. Together these elements make a solid advertisement that is still just as eye catching as the original poster, but more appealing to the modern moviegoer.
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