High dielectric constant polymer nanocomposites for embedded capacitor applications

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Lu, Jiongxin
Wong, C. P.
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Driven by ever growing demands of miniaturization, increased functionality, high performance and low cost for microelectronic products and packaging, embedded passives will be one of the key emerging techniques for realizing the system integration which offer various advantages over traditional discrete components. Novel materials for embedded capacitor applications are in great demand, for which a high dielectric constant (k), low dielectric loss and process compatibility with printed circuit boards are the most important prerequisites. To date, no available material satisfies all these prerequisites and research is needed to develop materials for embedded capacitor applications. Conductive filler/polymer composites are likely candidate material because they show a dramatic increase in their dielectric constant close to the percolation threshold. One of the major hurdles for this type of high-k composites is the high dielectric loss inherent in these systems. In this research, material and process innovations were explored to design and develop conductive filler/polymer nanocomposites based on nanoparticles with controlled parameters to fulfill the balance between sufficiently high-k and low dielectric loss, which satisfied the requirements for embedded decoupling capacitor applications. This work involved the synthesis of the metal nanoparticles with different parameters including size, size distribution, aggregation and surface properties, and an investigation on how these varied parameters impact the dielectric properties of the high-k nanocomposites incorporated with these metal nanoparticles. The dielectric behaviors of the nanocomposites were studied systematically over a range of frequencies to determine the dependence of dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent and dielectric strength on these parameters.
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