Agenda and Minutes of the Academic Senate and General Faculty Assembly

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Consistent with the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents (Sections 302.02 and 302.03), the Faculty of the Institute is the Corps of Instruction and Administrative Officers, as stipulated below.  The Faculty, so defined, is granted the right and responsibility of its own governance; the governance of the students, student activities, and student affairs; the creation of such committees as may be required; the prescribing of regulations regarding admission, dismissal, discipline, scholarship, classes, courses of study, and requirements for graduation; and the creation of such other regulations as may be necessary or proper for the maintenance of high educational standards.

To fulfill these responsibilities, these Statutes establish the General Faculty, the General Faculty Assembly, the Academic Faculty, the Academic Senate, and the Executive Board.

Any Administrator appointed by these Statutes and/or Bylaws to serve on the General Faculty Assembly, the Academic Senate, the Executive Board, or any Institute Standing Committee may appoint another appropriate and qualified General or Academic Faculty member to serve on that body and to carry out any designated duties related to that body in said Administrators place.  Such an appointment must be approved in advance by the Executive Board.


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