CSD: Public Involvement [Summary]

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Oldham, Sally
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Sally Oldham is President of Oldham Historic Properties, Inc., a consulting firm headquartered in Annapolis, MD. Her practice focuses on management consulting for transportation agencies to assist them with agency-wide implementation of Context Sensitive Design, historic preservation planning and strategic planning for scenic byways programs, heritage areas and heritage tourism. She assisted the Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) with designing and conducting the "Thinking Beyond the Pavement" (TBTP) National Workshop held in 1998 that defined the principles of Context Sensitive Design (CSD). Following this effort she developed four project charrettes to identify areas for action to implement CSD principles in MSHA's projects. She helped MSHA design and conduct a statewide workshop for 325 participants that resulted in developing MSHA's TBTP Implementation Plan. MSHA requested Ms. Oldham's services as well to help design the Federal Highway Administration's CSD website. Ms. Oldham serves on AASHTO's Task Force on Context Sensitive Design, chaired by Neil Pedersen, Administrator of MSHA. Ms. Oldham assisted the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) in developing a Context Sensitive Solutions Implementation Plan and designed and conducted the Northeast Regional CSD Workshop that was held in November, 2001 for 300 participants from 18 states. Ms. Oldham helped New Jersey DOT design their CSD training curriculum in 2000 and designed their course on Respectful Communications and Consensus Building. Ms. Oldham facilitated the work of an Advisory Committee appointed by Delaware DOT to develop Delaware's statewide Scenic and Historic Highways Program. In 2002 she developed a one-day training workshop on CSD for Delaware DOT. Ms. Oldham prepared five CSD case studies in Mid-Atlantic States through the University of Kentucky for the Federal Highway Administration for use in training courses on CSD. For the MSHA Ms. Oldham is developing CSD principles regarding highway design in the right-of-way to apply to Maryland's State Scenic Byways. In 2003 Ms. Oldham worked with a team to develop and test performance measures for CSD in MSHA projects. Additionally, Ms. Oldham is serving as co-principal investigator for a National Cooperative Highway Research Program project to develop performance measures for CSD at a national level. Ms. Oldham is asked frequently to speak on Context Sensitive Design and related topics at national and regional meetings. She has spoken on CSD at program sessions at four recent annual meetings of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). She serves on the TRB Committee on Landscape and Environmental Design and is a member of TRB's Task Force on CSD/CSS. An architectural historian by training, Ms. Oldham has served as the Acting Chief of Registration for the National Register of Historic Places, Executive Vice President for a national equity syndication firm, Vice President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and President of Scenic America.
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