Transit Bus Load-Based Modal Emission Rate Model Development

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Feng, Chunxia
Guensler, Randall L.
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Heavy-duty diesel vehicle (HDDV) operations are a major source of pollutant emissions in major metropolitan areas. Accurate estimation of heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissions is essential in air quality planning efforts because highway and non-road heavy-duty diesel emissions account for a significant fraction of the oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions inventories. Yet, major modeling deficiencies in the current MOBILE6 modeling approach for heavy-duty diesel vehicles have been widely recognized for more than ten years. While the most recent MOBILE6.2 model integrates marginal improvements to various internal conversion and correction factors, fundamental flaws inherent in the modeling approach still remain. The major effort of this research is to develop a new heavy-duty vehicle load-based modal emission rate model that overcomes some of the limitations of existing models and emission rates prediction methods. This model is part of the proposed Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Modal Emission Modeling (HDDV-MEM) which was developed by Georgia Institute of Technology. HDDV-MEM first predicts second-by-second engine power demand as a function of vehicle operating conditions and then applies brake-specific emission rates to these activity predictions. To provide better estimates of microscopic level, this modeling approach is designed to predict second-by-second emissions from onroad vehicle operations. This research statistically analyzes the database provided by EPA and yields a model for prediction emissions at microscopic level based on engine power demand and driving mode. Research results will enhance the explaining ability of engine power demand on emissions and the importance of simulating engine power in real world applications. The modeling approach provides a significant improvement in HDDV emissions modeling compared to the current average speed cycle-based emissions models.
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