Building a Better Mousetrap

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Ramachandran, Anirudh
Seetharaman, Srinivasan
Feamster, Nick
Vazirani, Vijay V.
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Routers in the network core are unable to maintain detailed statistics for every packet; thus, traffic statistics are often based on packet sampling, which reduces accuracy. Because tracking large ("heavy-hitter") traffic flows is important both for pricing and for traffic engineering, much attention has focused on maintaining accurate statistics for such flows, often at the expense of small-volume flows. Eradicating these smaller flows makes it difficult to observe communication structure, which is sometimes more important than maintaining statistics about flow sizes. This paper presents FlexSample, a sampling framework that allows network operators to get the best of both worlds: For a fixed sampling budget, FlexSample can capture significantly more small-volume flows for only a small increase in relative error of large traffic flows. FlexSample uses a fast, lightweight counter array that provides a coarse estimate of the size ("class") of each traffic flow; a router then can sample at different rates according to the class of the traffic using any existing sampling strategy. Given a fixed sampling rate and a target fraction of sampled packets to allocate across traffic classes, FlexSample computes packet sampling rates for each class that achieve these allocations online. Through analysis and trace-based experiments, we find that FlexSample captures at least 50% more mouse flows than strategies that do not perform class-dependent packet sampling. We also show how FlexSample can be used to capture unique flows for specific applications.
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