Analysis and Synthesis of Fixturing Dynamic Stability in Machining Accounting for Material Removal Effect

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Deng, Haiyan
Melkote, Shreyes N.
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A fixture is a critical link in a machining system. The majority of prior work treats the fixture-workpiece system as quasi-static and ignores the system dynamics. In addition, material removal effect (MRE) on fixture-workpiece dynamics is generally ignored. The primary goal of this thesis is to develop a model-based framework for analysis and synthesis of the fixturing dynamic stability of a machining fixture-workpiece system accounting for the MRE. Five major accomplishments of this thesis are summarized as follows: First, a systematic procedure for analysis of fixturing dynamic stability of an arbitrarily configured machining fixture-workpiece system is developed. Second, models and approaches developed in this work are experimentally validated. It is found that consideration of dynamics and characterization of system dynamic properties are crucial for an accurate analysis. Third, an in-depth investigation of the MRE on fixture-workpiece dynamics is performed. The results show that material removal can significantly change the system characteristics and behavior and approaches developed are capable of capturing the change. Fourth, roles of important fixture design and machining process parameters in affecting fixturing dynamic stability are studied and understood via a parameter effect analysis. Additionally, fixturing dynamic stability is found to be sensitive to the parameter imprecision. Finally, a generic approach for determination of minimum clamping forces that ensure fixturing dynamic stability is developed. Because of MRE, dynamic clamping is found to be an option to achieve the best possible system performance. Models and approaches developed in this thesis are generic and can be used as simulation tools in fixture design. Insights obtained from this research advance the knowledge base of machining fixtures and provide general fixture design guidelines.
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