Introducing New Services with DSpace

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Parham, Susan Wells
Woynowski, Kent
Griffin, Julie
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The Georgia Tech (GT) Library and Information Center established SMARTech (http://smartech.gatech.edu/), our DSpace Institutional Repository (IR) in August 2004. We envisioned an open access (OA) system of user-submitted scholarly faculty output, but shifted to a service-oriented focus which broadened the collecting scope of our IR and expanded our use of DSpace as a tool for providing publishing and preservation services to the GT community. Our first service was to submit faculty research ourselves, supply item level metadata, and review copyright. We decided adding more publishing services would make supplying content for SMARTech easier for faculty. We also decided it would be mutually beneficial to expand our use of DSpace to include new conference and journal publishing services (http://epage.gatech.edu) since faculty include publications, conference participation, and editorial positions in tenure and promotion packages. The new services would offer faculty a low-cost model for creating and maintaining conference web sites and OA journals, allowing them more time to focus on content rather than system support. We further expanded the use of DSpace as a backbone for our service-oriented programs by supplementing the intellectual output of GT with archival records of the Institute. We preserve electronic versions of traditionally print archival records in SMARTech and have begun integrating our digital preservation service into the workflow of various campus publishing units.Though SMARTech was considered by the Archives for digital manuscript preservation, the idea was negated by copyright and privacy restrictions. Archives established a closed instance because the preservation and organizational abilities of DSpace make the software ideal for managing digital archival collections. These expanded services will reinforce the position of SMARTech as a valuable service to the GT community.
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