Process and Outcome Factors of Enterprise Transformation: A Study of the Retail Sector

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Garcia, Dominie
Rouse, William B.
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A comprehensive model of enterprise transformation is developed, along with a more specific model that includes multiple process factors inherent in transformation. The process factors are drawn from literature as well as primary research conducted for the dissertation. Specific considerations of time, cognitive attention, control and leadership are proposed to affect various outcome measures of transformation. This dissertation is conducted within the context of the retail industry. Financial analyses are included in order to provide an empirical basis for choice of retail industry context. Interviews with multiple retail executives acted as a source of primary, qualitative data with which to develop the model and inform the creation of a survey. A broad based empirical survey provided a second source of data with which to test the hypotheses about the impacts of multiple transformation factors on success metrics. Results indicate a large percentage of the variance in the outcomes of transformation can be explained with specific, actionable measures. Clarity of goals and plans, and strong leadership support are all shown to be important in affecting successful change. Additional factors, including flexibility in plans and goals, and leadership communication levels provide additional support for the hypotheses. Implications for theory and practice are elaborated, and future considerations for the research are discussed.
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