Economic Diversification of Camden County, Georgia: Infrastructure Management Report

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Ross, Catherine L.
Barringer, Jason
Benjamin, Saskia
Hashas, Mine
Leone de Nie, Karen
Pierce, David
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Camden’s infrastructure can be thought of as its skeleton, the underlying structure that helps determine the form of an area. To function effectively, these systems need to be maintained and monitored to ensure they are operating as efficiently and safely as possible. Managing agencies must ensure that the infrastructure provides an adequate level of service to the county’s citizens. The county and other governmental units need to have a good understanding of the level and kinds of current assets and their capacity and ability to provide short- and long-term service. These must be examined and planned according to county-wide needs. Future land use and development planning should be undertaken knowing the cumulative effects of these actions on Camden’s infrastructure. Without this, there will be piecemeal development of infrastructure, which often results in higher costs and a reduction in or loss of ability to direct the form of development and related outcomes. Such planning has a direct impact on Camden’s potential for growing the higher-quality economic base so desired by community stakeholders. This section of the report deals with three key aspects of infrastructure planning: transportation, water/sewer, and green infrastructure. It first describes existing conditions, then addresses the effect of projected growth, and finally identifies key issues and recommendations on how to address those issues.
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