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    Student Cross-Training within the User Services Department of Musselman Library, Gettysburg College
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Hinton, Natalie
    Supervisors within the User Services Department at Musselman library have collaborated to assess student worker tasks. Determining like tasks across units has informed the development and ongoing refinement of cross-training for student colleagues. Musselman Library's User Services dept. has encountered increasing building usage/changes with how students are interacting with library resources, flat budgets, staffing reorganizations, etc. To meet the needs of library patrons, the decision was made to implement more cross-training among US student workers to utilize them more efficiently/allow them to grow/etc. US has the largest student workforce in the library, so there were challenges in how to implement a cross-training platform among 36 students. To best determine how to serve both our library patrons, and also commit to providing practical training for student workers, several new programs/processes/etc were developed. An evaluation system was developed to assess student progress, as well as get feedback from students regarding areas they wished to grow. Through programmatic events, students learned more about different departments in the library, developed technology skills, visited IT to meet other student workers, etc. Student supervisors were charged with working with students to develop cross-departmental competencies and expose them to the variety of jobs in a modern academic library. As we continue to evaluate the student workers and learn from their feedback, we hope to implement additional, targeted training in the future (Emergency Preparedness, technology, library organization and work flow, etc.) The Musselman Library User Services Department consists of: Circulation and Stacks, Reserves, and Interlibrary Loan.
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    Data Wrangling and Visualization in Access Services
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Kohler, Ellie
    From circulation and course reserves to interlibrary loan requests, service statistics, and gate counts, Access Services collects data from several different points, using various methods. But what do we do with all that data? And, in light of privacy restrictions, is it possible to get that data to connect? The Rockhurst University Library actively searched for solutions to its data problem as staff attempted to wrangle data into the visual stories that administration uses to quickly understand and make budget decisions. This presentation covers quick ways to clean messy data and prepare it for use as well as demonstrating how Access Services data can be displayed using low-cost or no cost visualization software.
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    Investing in Access Services Student Employees: Utilizing Library Employment Skillsets to Increase Advocacy
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Horton, Jalesia ; Bishop, Christopher
    Participatory engagement of student workers in Access Services leads to greater student investment as employees are given the tools to become library advocates. Areas of focus include project learning, student leadership in developing events/activities, active solicitation of ideas, and resume workshops to translate work skills to their future careers.
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    Creative and Helpful! Developing Student Peer Staff Skills
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Turkewitz, Deborah
    The creative skills of an academic library's student peer staff are examined in their museum, makerspace, and library display projects.
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    Interlibrary Loan Dissertation Requests: Best Practices and the Need for OA
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Dettinger, John
    This poster presentation will highlight the best practices Gettysburg College has adopted for processing dissertation requests through interlibrary loan. It will also illustrate the need for greater participation in OA dissertation repositories.
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    This May Not Be Perfect, But It Is Real
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Campbell, Jeff ; Miller-Martin, Kelly ; Simmons, Brian ; Warlick, Stefanie
    Reorganization can result in updated approaches to front-line service operations, access to collections, and space planning. Attendees will receive examples of approaches to streamline library services and staff functions, planning documentation to aid in communication and cultivation of stakeholder buy-in, and strategies for framing conversations with internal and external stakeholders.
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    Oh, That’s Right… : Considerations for Sustaining and Maintaining an Online Training Program
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Pawlicki, Jasmine ; Moreno, Shannon
    The University of Michigan Library launched a training and service model that moved beyond the traditional reference desk model to provide ready reference and information service to patrons from any service point. Hear about how we developed and implemented the program, and some possible solutions to sustaining a training program.
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    It Starts at the Top: Developing a Motivational Leadership Style That Moves Mountains
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Keshmiripour, Seti ; Venner, Mary Ann
    Have you ever wanted to administer changes but had trouble getting staff on board? Attendees will learn how Access Services managers at the University of North Texas Libraries developed strategies to prepare and support staff for accepting changes in the workplace. This presentation will describe a variety of successful changes within the department such as re-organizing the structure of the department, establishing new services, and accomplishing projects. Stages of change from idea to implementation and the facilitation of communication throughout the process will be discussed. Creative ways to motivate staff as well as lessons learned will be also highlighted.
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    Navigating the Storm: Leadership in Times of Crisis
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Glaeser, Katie
    When times of crisis hit, it can be difficult for managers to know how to cope, much less lead others through the storm. This session will explore the presenter's observations and techniques gleaned from her experience in the 2015 attempted closure of SBC, and the 2012 consolidation of Augusta University.
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    When You are in Charge: Reflections on Managing Staff in the Library
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-11-17) Riley-Reid, Trevar
    There are times when we might find ourselves in charge, often through no fault or motive of our own! Sometimes there might be an organizational shift, someone might retire or divisions merge and then YOU are in charge. Sometimes even a simple situation, such as having an intern or a work-study student still results in having to be responsible for the work outcomes and evaluations of another. Get some ideas on how to navigate the choppy waters of management.