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    Value Engineering Sustainability Into Projects
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-10-26) Hamre, Rex
    The Sustainable Facilities Forum was born out of an Infrastructure and Sustainability (I&S) volunteer-based committee consisting of staff members from all segments of the unit. The committee is dedicated to supporting a more sustainable built environment through increased information sharing and influencing procedure improvements. The forum began in 2016 and is meant to celebrate and expand how the Infrastructure and Sustainability departments are approaching the design and operations of our campus built environment. Through inspiring guest speakers, the forum connects members of the I&S unit, campus community members and higher education colleagues from across the country. The 2021 forum planning committee members are Pat Ficenic, Senior IT Support Professional; Wendy Welker, Building Services Program Coordinator; Alicia Wood, Lab & Chemical Safety Officer; Marlon Ellis, Building Maintenance Manager; Jerry Young, Landscape Construction Project Manager; Cathy Brim, Communications Officer II; Emma Brodzik, Recycling Program Coordinator and Sarah Neville, Sustainability Program Manager. 2021 Sustainability Committee and Forum Chairs are Maria Ceballos, Building Information Manager and Malte Weiland, Sr. Sustainability Program Manager.