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    Neil Asks Program
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-04-12) Brock, John ; Gellerstedt, Larry ; Moddelmog, Hala
    Neil Asks is a special IMPACT lecture that extends the legacy of L. Neil Williams Jr., an Atlanta-based leader in the fields of law, education and the arts. The program seeks to honor his example of asking important questions, listening to disparate views, and inspiring others to ask the questions that would guide us toward greater understanding, innovation, service, and hope.
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    On Economics, Justice, and Leadership in a Troubled World
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-29) Braverman, Avishay
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    Professor in the Zoo: Designing the Future for Wildlife in Human Care
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-08) Maple, Terry
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    The Empathetic Entrepreneur
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-03-01) Paris, Chad
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    Mark Rountree: Georgia Tech Deputy Athletic Director
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-22) Rountree, Mark
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    Overlooked and Underutilized: Turning Good Intentions Into Action
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-15) Cranman, Jay
    The city of Atlanta faces tough problems at the same time as most traditional institutions, governments, business, nonprofits and schools are having to do more with less. This is creating a growing demand for engaging people in our problem solving. Society is demanding much more from the world of volunteerism. And volunteering itself has evolved. It no longer looks like a group planting a tree or painting a wall. Instead, it looks like a hackathon, a citizen scientist, or social entrepreneur. People today have more power to drive change than ever before, we live in an age of “big citizenship” and the power of people to create extraordinary change. Twenty first century volunteers are equipped with new powers for organizing, scaling, communicating and acting. Volunteers are using all of their skills, their voice and their purchasing power and philanthropic dollars to create change in their communities and around the world.
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    Paedia Mixon
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-08) Mixon, Paedia
    Paedia’s vision for a comprehensive service model that guides a refugee’s journey—from arrival in the U.S. through swear-in as a U.S. citizen—captured the attention of the local and national philanthropic community and resulted in a fundraising campaign that exceeded its $1.5M goal. Under Paedia’s leadership, New American Pathways’ resettlement program has been recognized nationally as one of the most successful in the country, placing more than 90% of refugees in jobs within their first six months of resettling in the U.S.
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    The Impact of Diversity in the Marketplace
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017-02-01) Kayongo, Derreck
    Although Kayongo was born in Uganda, he lived as a refugee in Kenya after the president of Uganda seized power in a military coup before his family was able to settle in the United States. Shaped by these experiences, he has dedicated his life to helping others through entrepreneurship. Kayongo started his own nonprofit, the Global Soap Project, which recycles hotel soap and distributes to refugee camps.
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    King of Pops - What We've Learned
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-10-26) Carse, Steven
    Since the company’s founding in 2010, King of Pop's popsicles can be found at virtually any local festival, sold out of their signature pushcart and umbrella. The company was born out of a vision by Steven Carse. After being laid off from his corporate job as a Product Manager at AIG Agency Auto in 2009, Steven moved onto his brother’s couch and committed all of his energy to one idea - create the best popsicles ever made. Inspired by the Latin American fresh fruit paletas, Steven and his brother Nick created delicious flavors of local and natural handmade pops. Starting with a humble ice cream pushcart, King of Pops is now a local favorite in seven cities throughout the South.
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    Chart Your Course
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-10-19) Voskuil, Steve
    Like the line on a ship used to hoist the sails, the nautical term, Halyard, also accurately depicts the progress Voskuil and Halyard Health are making in the medical technology field. Formerly part of Kimberly-Clark, Halyard Health became an independent company headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia in 2014. The company's focus is on advancing health and healthcare by preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery.